Rollo & Grady Interview with Tyler Ramsey – Band Of Horses

Rollo & Grady Interview with Tyler Ramsey   Band Of Horses
Image – Christopher Wilson

I read early last year that singer-songwriter Tyler Ramsey was asked to join Band of Horses. My first thought was how lucky Ben Bridwell and company were for landing such a talented artist already on the rise.

Don’t get me wrong – Band of Horses is one of my favorite groups, but Ramsey had just released his critically acclaimed album, Long Dream About Swimming Across The Sea, which showcases his distinctive finger-style acoustic guitar play and folksy, bluesy, mellow vocals. The addition of Ramsey to Band of Horses will propel them to the next level and adds another incredible writer to the sextet. For now Tyler is feeling out his place with the band taking a low-key posture on stage.

I asked him about the new Band of Horses album, including whose songs made the cut, release date and the title. He didn’t have any answers; he wasn’t being evasive – he simply didn’t know. I hope to find out more in the weeks to come.

Tyler and the rest of the band are preparing for their upcoming shows in California, but he took the time to answer a few questions.

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Rollo & Grady Interview with Tyler Ramsey   Band Of Horses

R&G: 2008 was a surreal and stellar year for you. Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea was one of the best albums that year and joining the super-talented Band of Horses. Can you describe how you felt about your good fortune?

Tyler: I was already really excited about how the year was shaping up when I joined the band. It turned out to be the busiest year I can remember. Tons of traveling and touring with what are now my best of friends, lot’s of new places and really great shows!

R&G: You’re from Asheville, NC. What role did nature play in your music?

Tyler: I had a lot of time on my hands when I was writing those songs and I lived in a really nice log cabin where I could pretty much make as much noise as I wanted. It wasn’t way out in the sticks or anything, but it felt secluded. I think that helped a lot, just having the space and a big porch I could play guitar on while not staring at someone else’s house.

Did you have any idea how well the album would be received?

Tyler: No- I still don’t. It did get a lot of really nice write ups and there were some folks I talked to that really connected with it.

How did you hook up with Ben and open for the band?

Tyler: I met him in Echo Mountain studio in Asheville. The band was working on Cease To Begin.

R&G: Is it true that during a late night of tequila drinking that Ben asked you to join the band?

Tyler: Hmmm… I don’t recall.

R&G: You’re an outgoing guy, so why are you so mellow on stage?

Tyler: I am actually not the most outgoing person. I spend a lot of time with guitars. I do a lot of crazy antics on stage, but I move so fast it’s hard to see them. Lot’s of jumps, kicks and other things.

R&G: Are you working on solo material?

Tyler: I work on new songs all the time. I really hope to be ready for the studio later in the year. Our touring schedule is not as crazy this year – at least not yet – so I will be able to find the time. I am at the point now where I am starting to get it together in my head; different sounds and abstract ideas about what it will be.

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