Wired // Imeem – Store Music in the Cloud

Wired // Imeem   Store Music in the Cloud

Eliot Van Buskirk of Wired

“The iPhone can’t compare to the iPod when it comes to storing all your music, but imeem’s new streaming music app could change that by turning the smartphone into a quasi-iPod. How? By letting paid users store 80 GB of music on its servers.

The iPhone represents an evolutionary leap forward in the mobile platform, having liberated the cellphone (mostly) from wireless carriers that used to have total control over which mobile apps you could run.

But from the point of view of music storage, the iPhone is a big step back. The most capacious iPod holds up to 120GB of music on a hard drive. Meanwhile, the iPhone’s flash drive offers a maximum of 16GB, typically split between music, videos, games, apps and other data — a sacrifice made by Apple in order to maximize device longevity and battery life.

Imeem hopes to overcome this shortcoming with its iPhone app, which lets users store music on the company’s servers and stream it to the iPhone wherever there’s a Wi-Fi or AT&T wireless connection (although songs take a while to load over Edge). You can store up to 100 songs for free. Or, for $100 a year, imeem will store 80GB of your music and stream it to your iPhone.

Cloud-based storage is now cheaper than flash memory — not that the iPhone has an expansion slot for adding more memory anyway. For the serious music fan, who tends to carry an MP3 player in addition to a phone, the idea of paying for online music storage could start to look pretty attractive even at nearly $10 per month.” Continue Reading

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