Wednesday Samples

Wednesday Samples
Budos Band

A.A. Bondy
Album: When The Devil’s Loose (Due Out September 1st)
Label: Fat Possum
MP3: A.A. Bondy – When The Devil’s Loose

Budos Band

Album: III (Due Out June 23rd)
Label: Daptone Records
MP3: The Budos Band – The Proposition

Son Volt
Album: American Central Dust (Due Out July 7th)
Label: Rounder
MP3: Son Volt – Down To The Wire

Regina Spektor
Album: Far (Due Out June 30th)
Label: Sire Records
MP3: Regina Spektor – Folding Chair

Tiny Vipers
Album: Life on Earth (Due Out July 7th)
Label: Sub Pop
MP3: Tiny Vipers – Dreamer

Daniel Rossen
Album: Crayon Angel: A Tribute To The Music Of Judee Sill (Due Out September 22nd)
Label: American Dust
MP3: Daniel Rossen – Waterfall

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