Rollo & Grady Interview // Scott Avett

Rollo & Grady Interview // Scott Avett
Scott Avett – Image by Crackerfarm

The Avett Brothers put on an amazing show last Wednesday in Telluride – part of the Sunset Concert Series held in Mountain Village. Most of the shows this summer have been well attended, but the crowds are usually pretty mellow. Not so last Wednesday. The Avett Brothers rockin’ performance kept the audience on their feet dancing for most of the 1 hour and 45 minute set. The Brothers played a couple new songs from their forthcoming album, I and Love and You, set to drop on September 29th, and some tracks from their previous albums: A Carolina Jubilee, Emotionalism, Four Thieves Gone and Mignonette. They also performed a fantastic cover of the Flatt and Scruggs’ classic, “Til the End of the World Rolls ‘Round.”

The Avett Brothers are playing The Orpheum Theatre on Saturday, September 5th (buy tix).

Rollo & Grady Interview // Scott Avett
Images by Merrick Chase Telluride Photography

I caught up with Scott Avett after their set before the Brothers rolled down the valley towards Steamboat. He was amped from a great show and all smiles as he took a few minutes to answers some questions about their new gig with Columbia and working with Rick Rubin.

R&G: How has it been working with a major label – Columbia?

Scott: It’s been nothing but fuel to the fire. Their whole take has been ‘We don’t need to fix anything that isn’t broken.’ They’ve done nothing, but add value and give us the ability to do more as band. And that’s what we were looking for when we signed with them. It didn’t hurt having Rick Rubin produce the album (laughs).

R&G: Speaking of, what was it like working with Rick Rubin?

Scott: He’s unintrusive and very adaptable. We tried a lot of things on this album that we wouldn’t have normally tried. And if you haven’t tried it, then you don’t know. Before, we would just nail it and that was it. This has been a wiser way to work, and when you have a guy like Rick Rubin, the wisdom just pours out of him.

R&G: So you guys have said that this album is more complex and refined…

Scott: I think lyrically there aren’t as many parts, as say on our last album, Emotionalism.

R&G: Did you guys bring the high energy from your live shows into the studio for this album?

Scott: Some. The second to last song that we played tonight (“Slight Figure of Speech”), that’s one of the highlights on the new record. But we slowed it down in the studio to showcase the lyrics.

Rollo & Grady Interview // Scott Avett

How did it feel to be named “Artist to Watch” by Rolling Stone Magazine this month?

Oh, I don’t know man (laughs). I always say that, that stuff – if it comes that’s good. It seems like with Rolling Stone or Creative Loafing, as soon as you stop caring, they start caring. And to us it was kinda like, you know what… if we’re gonna get in there, then they’ll come to us and we’ll get in. And finally we did. But by that time, it was like – that’s great, but it’s not gonna to change the roll of everything we’ve already got going.

How do you like playing in Colorado, and in Telluride tonight?

Scott: This is amazing… amazing – this place is sick. Absolutely sick.

R&G: So, what’s next?

Scott: You’re seeing it. It’s the touring, we just keep doin’ it. We’re gonna tour ‘til Halloween, take a little break and then we’re heading overseas.

R&G: Where are you guys going overseas?

Scott: Everywhere.

R&G: Scott, thanks for the time, anything you want to add?

Scott: Yeah. Our new album is coming out on September 29th.

Rollo & Grady Interview // Scott Avett

Here’s a look at the set-list from last Wednesday, August 18, 2009:

Pretty Girl From Annapolis
Denouncing November Blue
Paranoia in B-Flat Major
‘Til The End of the World Rolls ‘Round (Flatt and Scruggs Cover)
The Weight of Lies
Kick Drum Heart
Pretend Love
Please Pardon Yourself
Standing With You
Distraction #74
Old Joe Clark
Diamond Joe
Die Die Die
Laundry Room (Live on MOKB)
Pretty Girl From Raleigh
Pretty Girl From Cedar Lane
November Blue

Slight Figure of Speech
Salvation Song

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