KhanWood Clarke :: King Khan & Friends Go Country

KhanWood Clarke :: King Khan & Friends Go Country

King Khan has decided to go country. In a recent conversation with Khan, he said goal was to assemble a serious country band with the best and wildest of his Kukamonga Death Cult: something like our generation’s Highwaymen. He has enlisted some talented musicians to help create his vision. In addition to Khan, Demon’s Claws’ Jeff Clarke and his talented girlfriend Emily Blitz, Sean Wood from the Spits, and the Sadies are going to comprise the band.

KhanWood Clarke :: King Khan & Friends Go Country
Jeff Clarke

Khan explained to me that Jeff’s songs “are very reminiscent of Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings and his voice has a bit of Willie Nelson in it too.” Khan’s songs are more reminiscent of Lee Hazelwood and Johnny Cash, “adding a bit of psyche to the tradition of the murder ballad and some lonesome gunfighter anthems to boot.” Sean is “the missing link of the true Rockin’ country element….He is the Bocephus… the Phoenix rising from the ashes of punk…. He is the ranch dressing needed to make this the best salad ever.”

KhanWood Clarke :: King Khan & Friends Go Country
The Sadies

But they need some help. They need to raise $3,000 in order to fly Sean into Khan’s Moon Studios in Berlin to finish the album, so they launched a Kickstarter page.

Kickstarter Details:

Pledge $10 or more
Receive 6 unreleased, brand spankin’ new, country songs for your listening pleasure

Pledge $20 or more
Receive 6 unreleased, brand spankin’ new, country songs, AND a personal thank you telephone call from Sean Spits, King Khan or Jeff Clarke

Pledge $100 or more
For a $100 donation we will write a custom country song with YOUR name in it.

Here are couple demos from the King Khan and Jeff Clarke sessions.

KhanWood Clarke :: King Khan & Friends Go Country

everyone knows you’re the dirtiest girl in town
that you fucked every guy for sixty five miles around
but sugar you know I know my night at all
’cause it’s always back to me that you seem to crawl

well every guy in town seems to know you’re always at the bar
no matter which day of the week it seems to be
but after you wake up in some strange room on the other side of town
i know you’ll always be coming back home to me

well i don’t mind that you’re a little pig around town
i don’t mind at all if you like to sleep around
as long as you’re home for breakfast, i don’t mind at all

whiskey bottle, empty on the back seat of the car
where’d you sleep last night, I don’t even want to know
as long as you’re home for breakfast, i don’t mind at all


Dallas met old Gunga Din
who had a faithful wife
he asked him him to join his band
and start a brand new life
he brought him to an alter
where he sacrificed his heart
gave him a little drop of LSD
and tore his mind apart

Dallas sat in front of that old gunga din
stretchin out his arms like two snakes in a tin
when the serpents started talking
he’d said he’d seen enough
he took off like lightening
and bolted for his truck

Chorus (to be sung by Mama Good,hopefully):
Dallas don’t you go playin around with that injun
he’s as despicable as they come
he’s got a knife deep inside of that turban
and 20 kids waiting for him in the sun

Gunga Din stopped old Dallas
square in his tracks
Dallas whipped off his belt
and cracked him in the back
no injun here is gonna make me lose my bread
now wrap up that there turban
or its off with your head

Gunga Din just smiled at him
held out his big brown hand
a rainbow and a unicorn
came pouring out this man
Just follow me into the sky
I’ll show you a place where we can fly


Dallas didn’t know
what that injun done to him
started seeing double
and chasing Gunga Din
“Tho’ I’ve belted and I’ve flayed you
by the living gawd that made you
you’re a better man than I… Old Gunga Din”

So they started this here band
of despicable old men
spitting out there venom
and chasing it with sin
and let’s face it man….
Indian men are bulit like brick shithouses
and fuck like snakes…. HAHAHAHAH!!!!!