August 4th, 2009

Craigslist // Lollapalooza Aftershows

Craigslist // Lollapalooza Aftershows

It’s not just for hookers, drug dealers and killers, Craigslist is the best place to find tickets for sold out shows. I’ve been buying tickets on CL for years without any problems – except for the high prices. The late night shows are more intimate and tend to be better/longer than their festival sets. The Lolla after-show tickets are pricey, but reasonable compared to Los Angeles and New York scalpers. Good luck.

Arctic Monkeys with Modey Lemon
Friday, August 7th @ The Metro – 10pm
Craigslist Ticket Prices: $50 – $60 per ticket (buy)
MP3: Arctic Monkeys – Stickin’ to the Floor

Band of Horses with Cass McCombs
Friday, August 7th @ House of The Blues – 10pm
Craigslist Ticket Prices: $60 – $75 (buy)
MP3: Band of Horses – The Marry Song (Live)

TV On The Radio with Chairlift
Friday, August 7th @ Double Door – 10pm
Craigslist Ticket Prices: $75 – $85 (buy)
MP3: TV On the Radio – Poppy

Craigslist // Lollapalooza Aftershows

August 3rd, 2009

Rollo & Grady // Friday Lollapalooza Recommendations

Rollo & Grady // Friday Lollapalooza Recommendations

Time: 11:30am – 12:15pm
Stage: Playstation

Hey Champ
Time: 12:30pm – 12:45pm
Stage: Chicago 2016

Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears
Time: 1:00pm – 1:45pm
Stage: VitaminWater

Rollo & Grady // Friday Lollapalooza Recommendations

July 11th, 2009

Rollo & Grady // Saturday Into Sunday – Voulme #12

Rollo & Grady // Saturday Into Sunday   Voulme #12

MP3: El Michels Affair – Shimmy Shimmy Ya [Ol' Dirty Bastard]
MP3: Beastie Boys – Root Down [5 Alive Remix]

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June 23rd, 2009

Rollo & Grady Interview :: King Khan

Rollo & Grady Interview :: King Khan

Arish “King” Khan is a French-Canadian Indian living in Germany and used to go by the name Blacksnake. He’s also the leader of King Khan and the Shrines; a 10-piece retro-soul
rock n’ roll band. Khan puts on one of the most exciting live shows I’ve ever seen and he has over a decade of solid records under his belt. His career started with the garage punk-rock band The Spaceshits, playing alongside his partner in crime Mark “BBQ” Sultan – they weren’t afraid to strip naked and wreak havoc in every town they performed in.

I caught up with Khan by phone in Montreal last week, which was a tough feat considering he doesn’t own a cell phone – he bummed his brothers for the interview. When I called, he was heading out to catch the death-metal band, Mayhem. We discussed his upcoming gospel project with the Black Lips, stage head and his family.

Rollo & Grady Interview :: King Khan

R&G: When did you get back to Montreal from Los Angeles?

Khan: I got back about a week ago, and after that last Shrines tour, me and BBQ were invited to go play in South America, so we played in São Paulo and Buenos Aires, and then flew back to Montreal.

R&G: Do you own a cell phone?

Khan: No, I don’t.

R&G: Will you ever?

Khan: No, I won’t.

Do you see it as a hassle to own one?

Khan: Yeah, I’ve gone so far without a cell phone. I’m notorious for borrowing people’s cell phones, but I think it causes brain and testicular damage. It’s too powerful a thing for it not to do something to your balls – if it’s right next to them. I choose life.

R&G: You live in Berlin, right?

Khan: I do.

What are you doing in Montreal?

Khan: My brother’s getting married this summer, and I also just got a bunch of invitations to a host of festivals in Canada that me and BBQ have been invited to play. I figured I’d hang out here. This is where I’m from – there’s plenty of stuff to do.

R&G: Will you sing at your brother’s wedding?

Khan: Actually, yeah. The Black Lips are coming down for it too. We’ve got a musical family, so there’ll be some rocking going on for sure.

Rollo & Grady Interview :: King Khan

June 14th, 2009

Amoeba, Waterloo and Other Music Records – Top 10 Sellers

Amoeba, Waterloo and Other Music Records   Top 10 Sellers
Amoeba Records – Hollywood
1.) Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest
2.) Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
3.) J Dilla – Jay Stays Paid (Buy)
4.) Eminem – Relapse
5.) Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown
6.) Dave Matthews Band – Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King
7.) Eels – Hombre Lobo
8.) Elvis Costello – Secret Profane & Sugarcane
9.) Rancid – Let the Dominoes Fall
10.) Kings of Leon – Only by the Nigh
As of 6/7/2009
Amoeba, Waterloo and Other Music Records   Top 10 Sellers

May 26th, 2009

Rollo & Grady // Wednesday Covers

Rollo & Grady // Wednesday Covers

MP3: Ryan Adams – Everything In Its Right Place (Radiohead Cover)
The Strokes with Eddie Vedder – Mercy Mercy Me (Marvin Gaye Cover)

May 17th, 2009

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – Dark Night of the Soul

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse   Dark Night of the Soul

Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing reports:
EMI has told Danger Mouse that his latest CD won’t see the light of day due to “legal issues,” so he’s responding by releasing the disc as a blank CD-R in a jewel case with art and liner notes. Fans can just download the music off a P2P site and burn it to the CD-R.

Dark Night Of The Soul, a collaboration with rock group Sparklehorse, also features Iggy Pop and The Flaming Lips, along with artwork by David Lynch.

It has already been streamed online, but Billboard magazine said a “legal dispute” with EMI derailed the project…

“Danger Mouse remains hugely proud of Dark Night of the Soul and hopes that people lucky enough to hear the music, by whatever means, are as excited by it as he is.” Continue Reading at Boing Boing

Stream Dark Night of the Soul on NPR

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November 13th, 2008

My Morning Jacket // Hot Burrito #1

My Morning Jacket // Hot Burrito #1

Wild Horses” was first released by Gram Parsons’ Flying Burrito Brothers in 1970. The song was written in 1969 by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, but they waited to release it in 1971 on the Sticky Fingers album.

The Flying Burrito Brothers – Anthology 1969-1972 (iTunes)

November 12th, 2008

The Rolling Stones // Alright, Is There A Balcony?

The Rolling Stones // Alright, Is There A Balcony?

“I played a divorcee in New York City [Somewhere In Dallas],
I had to put up some kind of a fight.
The lady then she covered me with roses,
She blew my nose and then she blew my mind. “

The Rolling Stones – Hot Rocks 1964-1971 (iTunes)

November 11th, 2008

Jack White // Modern Day Bluesman

Jack White // Modern Day Bluesman

“It’s quite possible that I’m your third man girl
But it’s a fact that I’m the seventh son
And right now you could care less about me
But soon enough you will care, by the time I’m done
Let’s have a ball and a biscuit sugar
And take our sweet little time about it”

When I was putting together my Sunday Blues post two weeks ago, I ran across The White Stripes’ version of Robert Johnson’s “Stop Breakin Down Blues”. Which in turn led me to his scorching cover of Son House’s “Death Letter“. Continuing on the Jack White discovery trail, I found tracks from his side project, The Upholsterers. It’s amazing what you find buried in your iTunes library.

Jack White // Modern Day Bluesman

The band was comprised of Jack White and Brian Muldoon. They released the three songs listed below on the Sympathy for the Record Industry label in 2000; they only pressed 100 copies.

November 6th, 2008

The Rolling Stones // Memo From Turner

The Rolling Stones // Memo From Turner

Your organs working perfectly, but there’s a part that’s not screwed on.

Memo From Turner
was recorded by the Rolling Stones on November 17, 1968. The song was released in 1975 on the Metamorphosis album. The version on the Performance movie soundtrack was recorded earlier by Mick and has slightly different lyrics.

My Top 10 Down and Dirty Stones Songs:
1.) Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
2.) Stray Cat Blues
3.) Slave
4.) Monkey Man
5.) Some Girls
6.) Emotional Rescue
7.) Cocksucker Blues
8.) Memo From Turner
9.) Live With Me
10.) Rocks Off

The Rolling Stones – Metamorphosis (iTunes)