April 25th, 2010

Harlem // The Best Band On Twitter

Harlem // The Best Band On Twitter


“There is no way possible to describe how wrong of a place to take mushrooms, boston is.”

“I have a pitbull in a headlock right now because he tried to get fresh. Weird how dogs go from affectionate to rapey so fast.”

“starting to suspect that not getting laid is the new getting laid…”

“In a cab with the painting dude from ghostbusters!! Seriously dude can you go back to opening portals to hell. Cab driver aint your thang.”

“I’m thinking about using a pocket pussy as a change purse”

“Not to crack open a bottle of sour grape flavored haterade but damn LA learn how to hold your booze! Drunk dreaming”

“the only thing gayer than being into a band is being into a dj.”

“Smith westerns are at the grocery trying samples of gelato. Bad boy rep still intact.”

harlem []
“Will and grace was the trojan horse of the gay conspiracy to take over the world.”

“Whoops I got a little too stoned. highschool embarrassing exchange with pretty girls out front. I’m never gonna be cool. Bummer”

“drinking wine all day and when i looked in the mirror a voice inside me said “you look like interview with a vampire” thanks gay me”

“Which traveling pants girl do you most relate to? I’d like to be the tough blonde one but I’m probably more of the moody video girl.”

“I have taken like a million whore’s baths this week.”

“Looking around I am overwhelmed with the urge to not be in a band. This shit is corny as hell”

“Average age of kids at this show- 15. We will be the soundtrack of some “growin up shit”

“South by sou.. Damn this place smells like ax body spray”

“Just bought girl scout cookies from this little girl with kanye glasses. She made eating chips look super boring and cool.”

“i was pretty late on this thang but chatroulette was weak. one big dick and a bunch of bored college nerds. pass me the ham radio”

MP3: Harlem – Stripper Sunset

April 25th, 2010

Warpaint // Las Vegas – Beauty Bar – 4/13/10

Images by Jeff Koga

warpaint []

Warpaint 3 []

Warpaint 1 []

Warpaint []
Warpaint // Las Vegas   Beauty Bar   4/13/10

April 24th, 2010

Artist To Watch // Fossil Cities

Fossil Cities (Myspace)
Artist To Watch // Fossil Cities
Hometown: NYC
Album: Oxidation (Free Download)
Label: Unsigned
Fossil Cities – At The Wheel
Fossil Cities – Snow Day

[via -fmly)

April 23rd, 2010

Low Rider (PulpFusion Bootleg Mix)

Low Rider (PulpFusion Bootleg Mix)

April 23rd, 2010

Gorillaz // “Stylo” with Bobby Womack – Colbert

Gorillaz // Stylo with Bobby Womack   Colbert
Gorillaz // Stylo with Bobby Womack   Colbert

April 23rd, 2010

Regarding Comments

Regarding Comments

We’ve been getting a ridiculous amount of SPAM for the past 6 months. Our lovely friends from around the world are crawling our site daily, leaving as many as 1000 comments a day. That being said, we are still trying to make sure your comments are posted. Occasionally we delete visitors comments, and we are sorry about that. Please bare with us, we are trying to improve our software to block the SPAM spiders. In the meantime, please continue to leave your comments.

April 23rd, 2010

Recently Announced Shows

Recently Announced Shows

Club Nokia
Saturday, August 14: Seu Jorge

Hollywood Bowl
Saturday, September 18: Phoenix

Space 15 Twenty
Saturday, May 1: Portugal. The Man – Acoustic Set (FREE)

Portugal. The Man – Work All Day
Seu Jorge – Depois que o llê Passar
Phoenix – Love Like a Sunset, Pt. I

April 22nd, 2010

Junip // “Rope and Summit”

Junip // Rope and Summit

Back in February, we mentioned that José González was working on new material with his band, Junip, a group that originally formed over 10 years ago in Sweden. González along with drummer Elias Araya, and keys player Tobias Winterkorn recently released “Rope and Summit,” the first single off their forthcoming EP, due out in May. Junip will be performing at the Eagle Rock Arts Center on June 16th.

MP3: Junip – Rope And Summit

April 21st, 2010

Megafaun // Tonight @ The Echo – (Free Tix)


We have a pair of tickets to give away to see Megafaun at the Echo tonight. Please email us at rollogrady@gmail.com to claim the tickets. For further show info (click here).

MP3: Megafaun – Guns