Christopher Wallace (l) and Jamal ‘Gravy’ Woolard (r)

I’ve seen several trailers for the new Biggie Smalls biopic ‘Notorious’. Generally these movies are destined to fail, but this one looks promising. The cast is spot on. Brooklyn lyricist-turned-thespian Jamal Woolard plays the role of Biggie. According to reports he endured an intense boot-camp-like training at Juilliard, where he worked on his method-acting techniques to play the slain rapper

The soundtrack includes Hypnotize, Juicy, Party And Bullshit, Kick In The Door to name a few. Biggie’s son Christopher Wallace Jr. plays young B.I.G. in the film and also contributes a song One More Chance (remix) to the soundtrack.

But no Big Poppa??

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