Carl Barât // NME Interview


There’s an excellent interview with Carl Barât in the new issue of NME. Here’s a couple of Q&A’s with him from the magazine.

Carl Barât // NME Interview

NME: Pete [Doherty] is adamant that The Libertines will reform in 2010. Is it happening?

Barât: If it happens it’ll be after next year. I’m too busy. I want to make a solo album, and there’s these plays I’m doing. Obviously I’d love to do it as long as everything was right – I don’t want to be the guy looking like he’s holding it back – but it’s got to be right. We’re not at that place at the minute.

NME: Pete told us you were offered £2million to headline Reading and Leeds…

Barât: I never believed that, it’s like believing you’re going to win the lottery. Anyway, I want £6million! (Laughs) Seriously, who’s to say we’d get the headline slot, know what I mean?

Carl Barât // NME Interview

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