July 14th, 2008

Rollo & Grady Music Blog :: First Post

Rollo & Grady Music Blog :: First Post

“At the end of the day, my tastes are all over the map. I don’t see boundaries in music, so if I’m excited about an Outkast song or some Sam Cooke gospel record, I want to bring that into my world.”Jim James-My Morning Jacket

Rollo & Grady Music Blog :: First Post

Thank you for stopping by to check out Rollo & Grady music blog. Like Jim James, my musical tastes are all over the map and have no boundaries. I’m excited to share the music I listen to from both the past, present and everywhere in between.

Rollo & Grady Music Blog :: First Post

Why the name Rollo & Grady? If you are not already familiar, they were classic characters from the 70’s hit sitcom Sanford and Son. The shows theme song, composed by Quincy Jones, is the funkiest opener in television history. The song strongly influenced my musical tastes, along with Good Times and Soul Train.

Because of these classic themes, I discovered the works of Curtis Mayfield, The Funky Meters, James Brown and the J.B. Horns, Bill Withers, The Sugar Hill Gang, Stevie Wonder and countless others.

Rollo & Grady Music Blog :: First Post

July 14th, 2008

David Ibbeken // Indecision

David Ibbeken // Indecision
(L-R) Craig Dougald (Drums); Aaron Evans (Guitar, Vocals);
Chris White (Guitar, Vocals); Doug Wanamaker (Keyboards);
David Ibbeken (Guitar, Vocals); Shawn McCrystal (Bass).

I ain’t got no worries; Ah baby it’s going to be a sunny day
(Indecision, Just A Little Bit)

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Indecision – Just A Little Bit

“Just a Little Bit”, sums up the vibe that Indecision has been passing on to their fans since the mid-to-late 80’s, before Widespread Panic, Dave Matthews Band and Phish became fixtures on the jam-band scene generic levitra price. They were the biggest and best with all three of the previously mentioned bands opening for them at one time or another. Before the band retired from touring full-time in 1993, they released three albums; the self titled Indecision, Ponder Yonder, and Reservoir, and since then have subsequently released Live at the Chameleon Club, The Great Road, , Black Water Sunday, and Live Volume One.

It’s an honor and a pleasure to have Indecision’s, David Ibbeken, for our 1st interview.

R&G: Hi David. So what are you guys up to these days?

David Ibbeken:
Since we are not touring full time any more, all of us have day jobs, all but one are married, and 4 out of 6 have kids. That said, all of us have stayed active in music in one form or another and will continue to do so hopefully until we drop.

R&G: How are the shows going so far?

David Ibbeken: We stopped full time in 1993, and about a year later started playing a couple shows a year and that steadily grew to playing about once or twice a month which is just enough to stay in the scene without having to be on the road all the time. Most of our shows are still in that southeast coast corridor from DC to Florida, with an occasional run up to NYC.

R&G: Yeah, a lot of friends on the east coast tell me they go to see you whenever you’re playing the Carolinas. How do your current shows compare with those from the 80’s and 90’s?

David Ibbeken: Generally speaking, the shows themselves are still about the same as what we’ve done for the last 24 years, though I think our ability to create on the go has gotten better.

: What is your audience like these days?

David Ibbeken: Our crowd has gotten a bit older….and we have not been great about reaching out to younger audiences.

R&G: Do you guys still get together during the year to practice or do things just come together for you instinctively?

David Ibbeken: Practice with the full band happens a couple times a year because Shawn McCrystal [bass player] lives in Atlanta and everyone else lives in the Charlottesville area, however those of us in Virginia will get together with a little more frequency especially if we are learning new tunes. As far as our interplay with each other during shows, that is pretty much like riding a bike, and playing gigs only one weekend a month keeps it fresh.

R&G: You guys built a grassroots following from your live shows. What do you attribute this to?

David Ibbeken:
In the late 80’s and early 90’s, the live jam was a great thing and college aged folks seemed to really dig live music perhaps a bit more than they do these days. I think the grassroots movement starts at home and grows by having original music that has something unique about it. We had and still have 2 things going for us: solid songwriting, and the ability to make an open jam [either within a song or otherwise] a thing unto itself, accessible to listeners even if one is not necessarily a jam-band fan.

R&G: Over the years I have heard many people refer to Indecision as a jam band. Personally, I wouldn’t put you in that category even though there were definitely some jams during your shows. How would you describe your music?

David Ibbeken: Describing our music was always something of a difficult question, and I guess it still is. Whenever you start adding anything improvisational or “jam” you get labeled as a Grateful Dead style band. We used to get that label quite a bit, usually from people that weren’t into that sort of thing.

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MP3: Indecision – Take It All In (Live)

R&G: Can you take me back to the days when you guys were playing with WSP, DMB and Phish? How was it working with them before they had made their bones?

David Ibbeken: We were very fortunate to play with those bands and even more fortunate to be able to say each of those groups opened up for us at one point. Can’t really say that any of us are tight with any of those guys but, they are all great people and great musicians and hopefully one day we could share the stage again.

R&G: I imagine you didn’t envision that all three bands would sellout Madison Square Garden. That blows my mind.

David Ibbeken: In the early 90’s, selling out MSG was hard to envision, but that is what perseverance and talent will get you.

R&G: You played Bonnaroo in 2003. How did that come about?

David Ibbeken: We just finished our last studio recording with David Lowery of Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven fame, and had some buzz going at the time, but I believe it was Coran Capshaw [manager of DMB and one of the principal organizers of Bonnaroo] who gave us the nod for this one. Coran has always been a supporter of Indecision and was generous to offer a spot at what I think is the best festival going.

R&G: Have there been any discussions about going on an extended tour?

David Ibbeken: Day jobs and family obligations are probably the biggest hurdle to any extended touring. If financially we could make it work, it might be a different story, but that would probably take breaking into a higher bracket of audience size. If we could get some opening slots for some of these bands we used to play with, I feel pretty good we could turn on a whole new group of fans which in turn might allow us to quit our day jobs…who knows, maybe one day.

R&G: If you had to choose, what’s your favorite Indecision album and why?

David: Ibbeken: Well, I like Ponder Yonder, Great Road and Live Volume One for different reasons and depending on what day of the week it is. PY was recorded at a great time for us, when we were playing with Phish, WSP, DMB and many others and it has good tunes on it, most of which we still play.

R&G: I love Ponder Yonder. It’s definitely my favorite. Reservoir is a close 2nd.

R&G: Which one of your Charleston, South Carolina performances was your favorite?

David Ibbeken:
Charleston was always a fun place to play, and we played there quite a bit… people seem to have their own way of enjoying themselves there which is infectious. I would have to say either playing with Blues Traveler at the Ports Authority or one of the old Music Farm gigs was the best. But anyway you look at it we gathered many fans and good times in C-town.

R&G: I was at the Blues Traveler show and a few of the old Farm gigs. They were always a blast. That being said, what prompted you to retire from touring full time in 1993?

David Ibbeken:
Stopping was not an easy decision, but may have been necessary at that point. We had been touring pretty hard for about 3 years and even though we seemed to be on par with the other bands we were playing with, we could not get a record company to put their name on us, and this was becoming a source of frustration which was not manifesting very well among the band members. Had we stuck it out a little longer we might have gotten over the hump, but on the other hand, the last thing you want to do is run the group into the ground trying and risk losing friendships with people you consider to be brothers.

R&G: Are there any plans for another album?

David Ibbeken: We will continue putting out live recordings on CD Baby, iTunes and other download sites. And sometime in the near future we will get another studio recording, we have the songs we just need to work out the logistics.

Download From iTunes:
Indecision – Indecision
Indecision – Ponder Yonder
Indecision – Reservoir
Indecision – Live At the Chameleon Club
Indecision – Black Water Sunday: A Live Compilation
Indecision – Live: Volume One

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